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I have the following setup:


The wireless connection is an adhoc network. In Notebook-A I've configured the ethernet adapter to share the Internet connection with the wireless adapter. Both computers are running Windows 7.

I can access Internet from Notebook-B without any problem. BUT: if there is no Internet activity for just a few seconds in Notebook-B, then the adhoc wireless connection is lost and the connection is not shown as an available wireless connection anymore. I have to go back to Notebook-A disconnect the adhoc wireless connections (that is in "waiting for other connections" status) and connect it again, only then I can go back to Notebook-B and connect to the wireless adhoc connection to access Internet.

I know the problem is in Notebook-B, because if I change Notebook-B for other notebook I don't have the problem.


  • Notebook-A is pluged-in to A/C, never goes to sleep/hibernate mode and never shuts down the wireless adapter.
  • Notebbok-B is pluged-in to A/C, never goes to sleep/hibernate mode and never shuts down the wireless adapter (I'm using the computer when this happens).
  • DSL-modem is an ubee modem provided by comcast

What can be the problem?

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Tough one. Have you considered looking for more up-to-date drivers on Notebook B? Maybe it has a buggy driver which needs updating.

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