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I made ad-hoc wireless network on my Gentoo workstation using NetworkManager. Is there any way to see what network adapters are connected to this network?

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netstat should be able to show this.

netstat -aenp | grep 'INSERT_IP_OF_ETH_ADAPTER_HERE'

For example:

[ 12:13 root@host ~ ]# netstat -aenp | grep ''
tcp        0     52              ESTABLISHED 0          34722586   29599/sshd: jon [pr
tcp        0      0               ESTABLISHED 505        23721631   28772/istatd
udp        0      0    *                               38         30885053   1611/ntpd

should show who is connected on a certain interface. If you don't know the IP or interface to use, do ifconfig -a and see which is running your ad-hoc network and it should show the IP address.

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Thanks for answer. But I would rather want to know what device (mac address) is connected. Above shows connections made through my adapter. – gumik Oct 5 '11 at 20:01

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