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How can I download android source code with TortoiseGit? Here it is explained using Repo but I use TortoiseGit.

@heavyd, If I do that I get this error(and my local folder is deleted!). I also tried "D:\android-source\" as local folder but still the same error.(I try those steps inside "D:\android-source\" folder):

git.exe clone  --progress -v  "git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/manifest.git" "D:\android-source\manifest"

Cloning into D:\android-source\manifest...
android.git.kernel.org[0:]: errno=No such file or directory
fatal: unable to connect a socket (No such file or directory)

ok, it seems that android.git.kernel.org is down for a month! See: http://groups.google.com/group/android-platform/browse_thread/thread/bd008b9fc907250b/f9bb28b02a32e8dc?lnk=gst&q=kernel.org#f9bb28b02a32e8dc

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The Git server at android.git.kernel.org has been temporarily taken down at Google's request, due to the recent Kernel.org break-in.

In the mean time, you can use the mirror hosted by Github:

git clone git://github.com/android/platform_manifest.git manifest

See https://github.com/android for the list of all repositories.

When kernel.org goes back up, all you'll need to do is git remote set-url <x> to switch back to the master repository.

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  1. Open the folder where you would like to downloaded source to be stored.
  2. Right-click and select "Git Clone"
  3. Enter the URL: git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/manifest.git
  4. Click OK

After that, its just normal Git. Pull to update your local tree with the latest from the server, create and checkout branches, etc.

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If I do that, I get an error. See my edit.Any ideas? –  Caner Oct 6 '11 at 11:44
could it be company firewall, or antivirus? –  Caner Oct 6 '11 at 11:48
ok, it seems that android.git.kernel.org is down for a month! See: groups.google.com/group/android-platform/browse_thread/thread/… –  Caner Oct 6 '11 at 11:56
+1 thanks a lot –  Caner Oct 6 '11 at 11:58

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