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Why do my icons change size in every folder?

I want them to be the same.

I reset all folders but still, when I am browsing, some of them are with big icons. Maybe this is based on the items count in the folder.

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First create a folder template (this will be the template that will be applied to all folders).

For Folders in Windows Explorer

  1. Open the folder in Windows Explorer that you want to change the template on.

  2. Click on the View menu bar item and click on Customize This Folder. (See screenshot below)folder template, change view



  1. Right click on a empty space in the Windows Explorer folder window, and click on Customize This Folder. (See screenshot below) Right click

  2. Under What kind of folder do you want, select the folder template that you want to have the folder optimized for, and click on OK. (See screenshots below) NOTE: If you wish to also apply this template to all subfolders in this folder, then check that box as well. Folder properties 1Change properties 2

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Cheers wizlog! +1 to you! :) – studiohack Oct 7 '11 at 16:58
i think tat this helps enough, i will make this on my whole hard disk :) – Iasen Jilkov Oct 8 '11 at 15:36

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