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I've just enabled FTP on a clean install of OS X Lion server, but i seem completely unable to access an external USB drive that is connected to the server using FTP. So I guess my question is:

how do I access an external USB drive that is connected to the server using FTP, from another machine on the same local network (all the machines are inside my house!).

I followed These instructions and everything seemed pretty hunky-dory. I was able to access the home folder of the user I added but I wasn't able to access anything outside of that users home folder, clearly this is fairly useless if I want to connect to a USB drive.

Am I just being dim and missing something completely obvious? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Looks like you need to share the volume first in then it can be accessed

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If you want to access arbitrary files on a remote machine, scp (secure copy: a companion to / part of ssh) is often a much better choice than FTP. Is there a particular reason you must use FTP?

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