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I am using Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.2 and every time I click on properties on a VM of mine, I get a popup window:

unable to decrypt password

How can I make this popup go away?

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Go to Remote Desktop Connection Manager -> Edit -> Properties -> Logon Credentials - Clear the Password.

Then click Save or OK. You're good to go!

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If you are using a connection manager config file shared from another install/user, you can either retype the password in the properties and save, and/or select store password in clear text

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Open the filename.rdg file with an XML editor (like notepad++) and remove all the credentials that are in between the credentialsProfile & /credentialsProfile metadata tags for each user that you get this error for. Then save the file.

When you open it the error message has gone. You can re-enter the existing domain, user and password then save over the top but if you have users in the error pop-up that you don't want displayed then you have no other choice.

It is a good idea to back up the file first in case you incorrectly edit the XML tags.

Cheers V/-

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remove all the profiles in Profile Manager of all the root nodes and recreate them again

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