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I have the following Pivot Table from an excel sheet. Types of Machines: Desktop, Laptop, Server Numbers represent count of each type for each person.

Name         Desktop     Laptop     Server
John               3         1            
Dave                         5           1
Miles              1                     2

1) I want each one record per type ( Desktop, Laptop, Server) per Name. Is there any way to extract that data in Excel 2007?

2) I want to extract data for Desktop and Laptop alone. How do I select those data alone?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "one record per type". Do you want to have a table like this:

John - Desktop - 3
John - Laptop - 1
Dave - Laptop - 5
Miles - Desktop - 1
Miles - Server - 2

Depending on the data source my guess is that the original data already has this exact form, you just have to delete a couple of columns of extra data that you don't want to see there.

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Directly above the column-header "Desktop" should be a dropdown control. Once you click that you should be able to de-select "Server" (or only select "Desktop" and "Laptop" again depending on the data and the specific layout of the table).

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