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Does anyone have a suggestion for a recent files browser utility for Windows?

I'm looking for something like NirSoft's RecentFilesView:

But I want more features. I would like to be able to do filtering. I also do see .sln files in the viewer, but not source code for the solution, like .cs files.

Are there any similar utilities to consider trying?

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You might want to give voidtools' Everything a try. You'll need the latest alpha build from the Announcements Forum. Don't be scared off by the "Alpha" label, it's very stable.

You could use some of the advanced syntax expressions to find recent files, for example: recent:ext:sln to find recently changed solution files. Though "recent" is pretty liberal, since that will search the entire USN Journal. The cd:, cw:, or cm: modifiers (for last day/week/month, respectively) might be more appropriate.

You can even save a favorite search syntax as a filter and hotkey it so you don't have to dork around typing the same thing over and over again. Then you can simply search against the filter to find a particular project quickly.

Now, Everything only matches against path/file names. It's not a content index, like Windows Search is. It is blisteringly quick though, because it builds its initial index by parsing the MFT directly and keeps it up to date by watching the USN Journal.

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