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I am using the built-in Windows 7 pptp client to connect to some vpn server. The issue is - while it's connected, all my internet traffic goes through that connection, not just the network specific. It looks like when I try to go to any web site, it request to the vpn server first, which makes all my normal internet activity extremely slow

I recall that there was some setting in the Windows XP VPN client to only use vpn connection for that vpn network related traffic, but I can't find it in Windows 7 (maybe because I'm not sure what exactly I'm looking for).

Any help would be much appreciated, this problem is driving me nuts.

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You want to go into the VPN connection properties, go to the Networking tab, and double click (or use the Properties) button on the Internet Protocol Vesion 4 (TCP/IPv4). Hit the Advanced button, and uncheck the Use default gateway on the remote network option.

If your destination network is a little more complex, meaning that it has more than 1 subnet, this may cause you some problems unless you set up some custom routing rules.

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That is it! Now I remember doing it on 20 computers at my past job 5 years ago ;) Thanks a bunch! – Andrey Oct 7 '11 at 18:19

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