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I like to use zsh's named directories feature to move about my file system quickly (e.g. so I can use ~src to switch to my source code directory).

I also like zsh's auto-completion features.

However, I work in an environment with a large number of users, so when I type "cd ~s" and hit tab, I get a huge number of possibilities completing to match all the users starting with s, instead of completing "~src".

I don't really care about completing usernames (except maybe my own, but I can live without that) in this environment. Is there a simple way to disable this, but still keep expanding named directories?

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The function that's invoked after a ~ is called _tilde (because it's declared with compdef -tilde-). Define your own function:

_bangfalse_tilde () {
  # The standard _tilde function with users removed
  [[ -n "$compstate[quote]" ]] && return 1
  local expl suf ret=1
  if [[ "$SUFFIX" = */* ]]; then
    suf=(-S '')
  _tags users named-directories directory-stack
  while _tags; do
    _requested named-directories expl 'named directory' compadd "$suf[@]" "$@" -k nameddirs && ret=0
    _requested directory-stack && _directory_stack "$suf[@]" && ret=0
  (( ret )) || return 0
compdef _bangfalse_tilde -tilde-
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