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I am reformatting and putting a fresh installation of windows on 3 machines for a daycare. They each happen to have a PCI wifi adapter. There is not a driver for this from the desktop's manufactuer. So I took it out to see if it had a brand name on it.

It is a linksys wireless-g PCI adapter. It does not have a version on it so I assume it is 1.0. I download the driver package from linksys website. Unzip the setup files. Run setup. It goes through one loading bar, then flashes a purple(the linksys setup) rectangularish shape for about one sec and then crashes.

Anyone have any ideas?

Edit: I am running windows xp professional.

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What make/model computer is it? – Kez Sep 2 '09 at 17:52
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  • Try different versions (especially the most recent)
  • Make sure you're downloading for the proper OS
  • Delete any existing drivers
  • Try generic drivers from Microsoft
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Scrap the useless Linksys software. Also check multiple Linksys sites (they have different versions of drivers on support pages from different regions.

Find a desktop you can install the Linksys package. It should create a directory under C:\Program Files\Linksys.

Go in there and grab the INF driver files for you WMP54G. Copy it to a thumbdrive and archive a copy somewhere.

Do the normal hardware installation using these INF files - the Linksys wireless utility really blows.

There are 4 hardware revisions of the WMP54G - make sure you choose the right driver!

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