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I'm using LESS CSS (PHP version). I'm also using Geany in Linux. Is there a LESS syntax file for Geany out there, or how I can go about editing the CSS one to suit LESS?

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This should work. Just update your configuration file filetype_extension.conf.

  1. Open ~/.config/geany/filetype_extensions.conf
  2. Change this line: CSS=*.css; to this: CSS=*.css;*.less;
  3. Save configuration file.
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This might be due to a different version, but from within Geany 0.20 you can go to the

main menu > Tools > Configuration Files > filetype_extensions.conf

Prior to accessing the filetype_extensions.conf file in this way the file did not exist in the above mentioned location. Once the changes are saved the file can be found there.

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You can also add following into your ~/.config/geany/filedefs/filetypes.css - file


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If someone wants it all in one post... http://ajy.co/web/scss-highlighting-in-geany/

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