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Is it possible in excel to have a cell value automatically inserted once the previous cell has been inserted, where the previous cell has a direct relationship to this one which is defined in another table.

For example: on the first worksheet there is 2 columns: 'isbn' and 'book title', on another worksheet there is a table containing isbn values and there corresponding book titles. On the first worksheet the isbn column is a drop down that lists the isbn's from the table on worksheet2.

When the user selects a isbn from the dropdown i would like the book title column to be filled in automatically with the corresponding title from worksheet2 table.

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Assuming sheet 1 has the dropdown for selecting input and sheet 2 has the full list of ISBNs and book titles.

  1. On sheet 1 select the cells you want the dropdown in. If you want a full column, click the column header for Sheet 1 column A.
  2. Then hit Alt + A + V + V which brings up the Data tab and then the Data Validation button and to the Data Validation... option.
  3. Allow: a List and select a Source: of =Sheet2!A:A. It must be a single-column source. Leave Ignore blank and In-cell dropdown checked.
  4. If you want the book title to show up in column B as each dropdown is selected: Click column B header, go to Data Validation... again and Allow: Custom and select a Source: of =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A1,Sheet2!A:B, 2, FALSE),"").

You may want to remove duplicates on the ISBN/Title list on Sheet 2. Sorting it may also be handy.

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