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The problem:

  • In my laptop I lose wifi connectivity occasionally.
  • In Windows XP, the solution to fix my wifi connection is to right click on the taskbar wifi icon and click "repair connection".
  • I just upgraded to Windows 7... and I still lose the wifi connection.

The question:

In Windows 7 I can't find anything like "Windows XP's 'repair connection'". Is there a one-click "repair connection" in Windows 7? If yes how do I reach it?

If no, what is equivalent to the windows XP "repair connection"?

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In Windows 7 here's what I found to be similar to "Windows XP 'repair connection'":

  • Goto: Control Panel --> Network and Sharing Center --> Change Adapter Settings
  • Right click: Your "Wireless Network Connection"
  • Click: "Disable"
  • Click: "Enable"

Summary: In Windows 7 Enable/Display the wireless network adapter to "repair the connection".



Windows 7's "Troubleshoot connection" is not similar to "Windows XP's repair connection":

I saw on google that you can right click the wifi taskbar icon and click "troubleshoot" but ... I exhaustively explored and could not get "troubleshoot" to reestablish the wifi connection.


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You shouldn't have to have a problem with your laptop disconnecting from the wireless (unless it is your laptop's hardware or wireless interference or bad router), I suggest to check your laptop's BIOS and update it, also download the latest Wireless Network Card Drivers.

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At anytime, you can rightclick the network icon and click troubleshoot connection.

Repeated drops point to a deeper sign.

Actually, the Windows 7 troubleshoot connection is more than the XP repair connection. It is built on a platform called Troubleshooting packs. It will try numerous options including disabling and enabling the adapter.

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I clicked "troubleshoot" but I was not able to get my connection restored using this feature. Any tips? – Trevor Boyd Smith Oct 11 '11 at 12:57

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