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I need (desperately) to install GNU-Classpath on a console-only VPS to run a small java server. Due to incompatibilities with OpenVZ, I can't get the normal java VM to run. I have the normal VM installed, but I also have JamVM which will work, but needs a classpath. This issue comes down to the fact that GNU-Classpath requires several libraries that I will never user, and do not want to install, including the GTK libraries (no use in console). Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Additionaly, I have no idea if I should put this here or at serverfault, the category which this question falls in seems rather vague to me.

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Assuming you're running some fedora or red hat derivative, (which i guess from the tags), you could probably use the ----nodeps option with yum. You may have to install some essential packages as needed by hand, since this will totally turn off dependancy tracking for that install.

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Will try, I'll get back about whether it works or not – Roby718 Oct 10 '11 at 18:48

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