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While installing Ubuntu 11.04 I was asked to choose a swap area for better performances, so I chose my 1T hard drive(which had only one partition).

The problem is that I did not know it will use the partition as swap area rather than just put a swap file in the selected partition... (there was an unmarked "format" check box so I assume that my data will be saved)

This hard drive holds all my program files etc so I want it back!

So far I did:

sudo swapoff -a

What can I do in order to make my hard drive come back with its data? I do not wish to retrieve only selected files with some recovery tools.

P.S: it was 5-10% used before the accident and I immediately invoked the swapoff so I hope that my data was untouched.

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As I just answered to another question, if the damage is only a lost partition, you can check TestDisk.

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I read your answer, however it does not suit my problem. while running TestDisk it finds the "Linux swap" partition. I want to get my previous partition back. Do you know of any way to solve this? (maybe i am using the TestDisk wrong...?) – talel Oct 10 '11 at 21:22

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