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Possible Duplicate:
Font recognition software

Is there a program that can scan an image and tell you what font type it's using? Possibly by dragging a box around a sample for example.

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I'm not aware of such program, but there is a free service WhatTheFont that can do that for you. You simply upload your image and it identifies the font.

Please note that the identification is not 100% perfect, as many fonts are quite similar. If your text is big, and there are quite a few characters, it will be much better than based on few tiny letters.

Moreover, web-based tool is much more useful than desktop software since it can identify the fonts not installed on your computer (MyFonts has huge fonts library).

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Not a program, per se, but: WhatTheFont does what you ask.

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I believe that Google Goggles on smartphones can sometimes also do this.

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