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I mostly develop network analysis software, and sometime I need to do some deep protocol analysis which is basically to reverse engineer a network protocols.

Currently, I am working with wireshark + 010 Editor.

Wireshark, is a good sniffer, but it has its flaws. for instance I wish it could show gzip session after extraction (it shows the decompressed data in the data bytes, but you can't see a connection flow, or search within the decompressed data).

I have no complains about 010 editor that I can think of, but if someone know about other tools (maybe automatic analysis) please let me know.


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Which OS/platform? – Noldorin Oct 10 '11 at 23:22
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Which OS are we talking about here? Wireshark is an excellent cross-platform open-source packet sniffer, but does indeed have its flaws are you say.

I personally use Microsoft Network Monitor (currently version 3.4), having previously used Wireshark. It's obviously specifically for Windows, but I feel it does a particularly nice job. It feels like a more lightweight program, and has a very usable user interface. Definitely worth a play-around if you're on Windows.

both linux and windows, but thanks, I'll check it out – Guy L Oct 11 '11 at 5:35

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