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I have a spreadsheet that is used for configuring IP phone system configurations. Bascially I have a table that has the following info in it;

Part No.        Description        Qty       Price

I have the filter set on the qty column to only show Qty amounts greater than 0. I have some VBA script that auto updates the filter as soon as input values change

As sourced from How to I auto-refresh an Excel auto-filter when data is changed?, this works great, and the whole sheet works better than I could have hoped.

BUT, I want to lock the sheet so I can restrict entry to just the few cells needed, as this needs to be sent out to the end users, as well as hiding my cost prices etc etc.

If I lock the sheet then the filter gets completely removed (as in not even in place anymore) and shows every part in the table.

Can anyone suggest how I can get around this?

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I was able to duplicate this problem on Excel 2007. The filter gets removed after I change a value in one of the unlocked filtered cells. Happens only when the sheet is protected, even when I have "Sort" and "Use Autofilter" checked off. – Kaze Oct 11 '11 at 10:20
Thanks for confirming Kaze.... now who can tell me how to fix it ?? :) – Paul Griffith Oct 13 '11 at 9:18

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