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This morning I set the devenv.exe to run as administrator. We are now getting problems with TFS and want to stop the Visual Studio running as admin. However even though I have disabled all of the checkboxes markes 'run as administrator' on the devenv.exe when I start VS it always runs as administrator. How do I now turn this off?

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What version of Windows are you using? If you're using Windows 8, it's not as simple as just disabling checkboxes. –  Nate Kerkhofs Feb 2 at 11:54
What I've tried already: Ensuring all of the checkboxes (in the properties of the Visual Studio shortcut) relevant to 'run as administrator' are unchecked; There is a path in the windows directory which can prepend shortcut paths to run in admin mode, I've made sure that isn't there either.; I've checked devenv.exe itself to make sure there are no run as admin options selected on that file. –  DeeMac Feb 2 at 14:37
What is your User Account Control (UAC) setting? –  harrymc Feb 2 at 20:38

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Right click on the icon and go to properties. After that just go to the Compatibility windows and in the Privilege Level un-check: "Run these program as administrator".

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Make sure when you change the run as admin, you change it for all users.

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