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In Microsoft Office 2010, autocorrect automatically corrects some typos and stuff like that as I type. However, spell check does not. I get a red squiggly line when it detects a misspelling, which is great, but can I make Office automatically correct the misspelling as I type? I know I can right click on the word and choose from the list of corrections, but can I make Office choose the first correction on the list and correct my misspellings/typos automatically? I would like this feature because I type notes on my computer for my classes, and it would be nice if Microsoft had this feature.

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There used to be an option when you ran a Spell Check with <kbd>F7</kbd> that would do exactly that. There's a similar button in Word 2010, but you have to press it for every individual word. – Hand-E-Food Oct 12 '11 at 3:15

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