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I bought a netgear n150 wn1100 usb wireless adapter and it seems like I have to go through ten pages of obscure documentation just to get it to work. Does anyone know of a plug and play usb wireless adapter that plays well with ubuntu? I would like to return the one that I have and buy something that makes this a little bit more simple.

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could you run lsusb with it plugged in? – Journeyman Geek Oct 12 '11 at 1:53
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Most wireless adaptors use the linux wireless drivers and there's a comprehensive list of wireless chipsets supported by the drivers and their level of support. Sadly most drivers don't come with information on what chipsets they use - you can find a list here that should be of use in selecting a specific device.

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Various Realtek chipsets are supported in the Linux kernel (RTL8180L, RTL8187L, RTL8187SE), so a USB wireless adaptor that uses one of these chipsets should work.

Realtek chipset are used by many different manufacturers, including Netgear. Most Intel chipsets are probably well supported as well.

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