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I am a fan of ReadyBoost and have seen good results using it with my work laptop. I tried something today and connected a second flash drive (2GB) and configured it for use with ReadyBoost. The first is an 8GB configured with 4GB for ReadyBoost. I'm using Windows 7 RC 7100 and was wondering if using more than one ReadyBoost drive helps?

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I suspect the answer is yes, but your question is very confusing – perhaps you’d like to re-order it? – sblair Sep 2 '09 at 23:57
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Microsoft only recommends using "one to three times the amount of RAM" in your computer. Anything over that won't give you a measurable performance boost.

That aside, multiple Readyboost drives is a new trick in Windows 7. Measure your potential gain (baring in mind the 3x Ram rule) versus the added complexity and potential for failure of using a new tool.

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I can't imagine it would hurt. More space = more caching for your programs.

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