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I just got a new Mac with Lion installed on it. I then installed Xcode (4.1 through the App Store). Next, I installed Homebrew and I was about to do brew install postgresql like I had done on Snow Leopard, but I'm reading online that PostgreSQL is already included in Lion.

Can someone confirm if this is true? And if it is included, can I use it for my PostgreSQL server for development (Rails) or is the included PostgreSQL used for the operating system only?

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Postgres is indeed included with Lion Server... but it's so deeply tied into the OS, and hidden from view that I wouldn't really want to use it for dev use.

Set up a second instance and use that instead. No reason to risk your ability to use things like iCal, AddressBook and Collabd over a coding error.

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haven't installed it yet but found this good post – sthapit Oct 13 '11 at 11:54

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