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How do I move a selection to a specific XY position within the canvas in Photoshop?

Currently, the only way I can find is to just eyeball it with the guides and/or mouse position. I want to specify the exact X and Y coordinates.

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You were right about the "selection". – slhck Oct 12 '11 at 10:52
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With your active selection, go to Edit » Free Transform. This is the same as pressing Ctrl-T on Windows, or Cmd-T on OS X.

Then, in the toolbar above your image, select the angle point where you want to set the coordinates. In my example, it is the center of the selection.

enter image description here

Now, enter the X and Y coordinates you want your selection to be at. If you want to move your selection relative to the previous location, toggle the triangle button.

Hit Enter or click the "Commit transform" button (which looks like a checkmark).

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This is great, but it moves the selected content; what I really want is to position a fixed-size marquee precisely. – Tim Keating Apr 16 '13 at 22:51

did you turn on the rulers? then set them for pixels.

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