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I installed ubuntu 10.04, Apache, PHP, mysql, smb. Everything work fine in locally in my IP. When i trying to access my computer from LAN (other computer), it shows unable to connect. when i ping my IP from remote computer, its pinging OK. I can access internet, and all other systems (http, smb). But the problem is no one can't access my computer remotely in my LAN network.

My ip is and i want access(Appaceh,SMB) from

Is there any proxy firewall settings?

I had tried following commands..

sudo iptables -F


sudo iptables-restore

[logout require] If it does not work then try to disable net-filter

sudo ufw --disable

Please give me the solution.

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Can you post output of:

sudo ifconfig -a
sudo netstat -rn

from your machine?

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