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In LibreOffice, if I save a document as file type "encoded text" and select "Unicode (UTF-8)" as the encoding, it always writes a byte order mark (BOM) at the start of the text. It does this even when exporting text that started out with no such mark (such as imported ISO-8859-8 text). Is there a way to suppress the generation of the BOM?

According to the Unicode docs: "Where UTF-8 is used transparently in 8-bit environments, the use of a BOM will interfere with any protocol or file format that expects specific ASCII characters at the beginning". This is exactly the problem I'm running into, as the text is going to be fed to a program that does not expect an initial BOM.

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When saving the file with Save As, under All Formats select Text Encoded, then Save. When the Confirm File Format dialog comes up, select Use Text Encoded Format. The ASCII Filter Options dialog then comes up. Select Western Europe(ASCII/US) and click OK. If you then examine the resulting file with a hex editor such as Bless, you will see that the BOM is gone.

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Well of course the BOM is gone, but the file is no longer encoded in UTF-8, either! –  kreemoweet Mar 10 '14 at 16:25
And then none Western Europe characters as well as Western Europe characters above 127 are gone too –  Lưu Vĩnh Phúc Dec 18 '14 at 14:44

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