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Right now I have a Dropbox Folder synced to another folder on my hard drive and to one on my external hard drive. I have done this by using Sync Toy and a scheduled event that fires every 30 minutes.

However this seems somewhat wasteful to me as it really only needs to run as soon as a file is changed in either the folder on my hard drive or the drop box folder (external hard drive is simply used as a backup).

Is there a way to fire the scheduled event on folder/file change in either location? Or is there an easier way of going about the same task?

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You can use Dropbox Folder Sync

Dropbox Folder Sync is a simple app for Dropbox that allows you to seamlessly sync folders outside the Dropbox folder. Pretty handy for syncing Firefox profiles, saved games, music library, Outlook data files etc., to Dropbox directly from their locations. Sync and Unsync to Dropbox just by using the right click menu on the folder. It actually works by moving the folder into Dropbox and then putting a symlink in its place.

If you are new to Dropbox, it is a popular file synchronization and backup tool which automatically syncs all your devices to the cloud. You can also share and collaborate on your stuff with others. It also offers you 2 GB of free online storage. (Get Dropbox or Know more).

But one limitation of Dropbox is that, it will only sync the files in your Dropbox folder. Our app helps to overcome this limitation by allowing any folder to sync with Dropbox right from its location.

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