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I have installed VirtualBox on Windows 7, and created a new VM with Windows Server 2008. This seems to be working OK.

I'm now interested in remote desktop from my Windows 7 to the VM, but can't get that to work. I tried to use, as mentioned in the VirtualBox documentation.

When I try to connect, it seems like the address is found, but can connect with the standard Administrator account. I am thinking there are some network configurations here that I'm missing.

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The problem is, by default, your guest operating system shares the IP of the host through NAT which means you cannot access any ports on the guest directly.

You need to do one of these:

  • Change the virtual NIC to use bridged connection and configure the IP address of the guest (if no DHCP)
  • Use host only network and configure the IP address of the guest
  • Set-up port forwarding for the NAT network

The details can be found at http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch06.html

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