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I often work remotely on SSH shell.

I would like a more user friendly interface to my shell, based on NCurses :

  • Possiblity to open several virtual terminals with shells
  • Organise terminals by tabs or vertical / horizontal split, being able to use the mouse to select tabs and resize split terminals (like Vim)
  • Disconnect / reconnect to these terminals, on demand without killing running processes.

I know "gnu screen", but it is not very user friendly, does not support mouse or tabs. I guess that a python script could support all these fonctionnalities.

I also know of a great plugin to integrate (a shell within Vim) . But sadly, it not longer maintained and has not been integrated to the trunk (so we need to compile it on older versions of Vim).

Do you know such tool ?

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You can try tmux, if you haven't already.

It's basically the same as screen but younger.

You can open multiple windows (similar to tabs) and within these windows you can create split-panes. Detaching is also possible.

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