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I'm trying to develop using subdomains on OSX but don't want to reboot the computer to refresh the hosts file. Normally on linux I'd do /etc/init.d/networking restart but I can't figure out how to do this on OSX.

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You don't need to. Simply sudo vim /etc/hosts, change what you need to change and go on. Your changes will be applied instantly.

If ping still gives you the wrong IP, try clearing your DNS cache:

dscacheutil -flushcache
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For clearing dns cache, see:… – Romans-8---31-39 Sep 20 '14 at 21:36
Make sure you obviously use the right order too (IP address, then DNS). – user1442960 Dec 12 '14 at 23:03

For El Capitan, go to the Terminal app and type:

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

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