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When using hostmgr list there are "Flags" parameters, and I need someone to describe it to me!

Example output:

MAC-address       IP-address      Flags   Type             Intf            Hw Intf    Hostname            
-----------       ----------      -----   ----             ----            -------    --------            
00:04:1f:7a:c2:46    D       Generic Device   -               -          Unknown-00-04-1f-7a-c2-46
00:12:17:db:e1:74    C       Gaming Console   LocalNetwork    wlif1      Gamingadaptor       
00:14:51:81:54:a2    D       Laptop Computer  LocalNetwork    wlif1      Guffsibook          
00:14:7f:a2:de:05   T       SpeedTouch       -               -          BThomehub           
00:30:65:1b:f3:2c    CDL     Generic Device   LocalNetwork    wlif1      Bobbinspowerbookg4

What does each flag mean?

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I found it :) C: Connected D: Dhcp Leased L: Lock the lease for a specific device

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