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I have a linux box at home. I know I can set up a proxy on a current computer by opening up terminal and typing ssh -D PORT USER@SERVER and then enter in the proxy and port in a browser. HOWEVER - I do not have Terminal permissions my current computer.

I have DynDNS set up, and port forwards to my linux box. I logged in remotely and then set up a SOCKS proxy to another computer.

Setup like this:


I should be able to enter HOMECOMPUTER dyndns url as the SOCKS server and 8080 as the port, correct?

It doesn't work; pages don't load. What's wrong?

If this question wasn't clear enough, sorry :( I'll change it if necessary.

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If a bind_address is not provided with the -D option, then the default is to bind only to localhost. You can have the SOCKS server listen on all interfaces by binding it to the IP address

ssh -D user2@serverB

You should then be able to enter HOMECOMPUTER dyndns as the SOCKS server and 8080 as the port.

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where is – tekknolagi Oct 19 '11 at 3:54
yeah buddayyy this works! enjoy the rep! – tekknolagi Oct 19 '11 at 4:00

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