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I use rsync in the following manner:

rsync -Pvaz me@192.168.*.***:Documents/ /Users/me/Documents/
rsync -Pvaz /Users/me/Documents/ me@192.168.*.***:Documents/ 

The problem: if I delete a file on my home computer and sync, it doesn't get deleted on the remote computer. Is there a way to use rsync to literally sync two folders?

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This question tipped me how to sync my computer at home and my home directory in the office without bothering about server names etc. of my connection at home. Namely, just swap source and destination... – Dror Feb 8 '12 at 9:34
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Man page for rsync:

 --delete                delete extraneous files from dest dirs
 --delete-before         receiver deletes before transfer (default)
 --delete-during         receiver deletes during xfer, not before
 --delete-delay          find deletions during, delete after
 --delete-after          receiver deletes after transfer, not before
 --delete-excluded       also delete excluded files from dest dirs
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I am not a rsync expert and there may be a switch that can do what you want and someone else may say.

However, personally, I use rsync when I need one way copying. When it comes to synchronise two locations, I use Unison which is built on top of Rsync and basically makes it easier.

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