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I want to split my laptop HDD like this:

  • recovery (100M, required by win7 :( )
  • NTFS system partition(Win7)
  • huge data partition (NTFS)
  • Ext4 system partition

Couldn't create swap partition because of number of partitions limitation (4 max) but I read somewhere I can have it in a form of an allocated swap file on system partition and I have plenty of RAM anyway.

Obviously I install win7 on partition 2 and Linux on partition 4. How bad is it to have the data partition shared between 2 OSes in NTFS? It will propably be heavy loaded with VMWare images and I'd like to have reasonable VM performance from VMWare for Linux. Also I'd like to store development files and compile everything on data partition from both windows and linux. I've read that Ubuntu's NTFS implementation is FUSE based which raises a lot of performance considerations.

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This site should help
Possible dupe of this SU Quetion

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