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I have a HP Ultrium 960 tape drive, but I can't figure out what the SCSI interface is called.

The white paper doesn't mention it

According to this site it is called "Ultra320 LVD SCSI".

I can't find any PCI-E controllers with a "Ultra320 LVD SCSI" interface.

Does it go under a different name?

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Probably cause its a really old interface that came out a while ago - Ultra320 is the interface itself, while LVD refers to the signalling method, and SCSI is a pain in the rear when it comes to varients.

The specific controller you are looking for SHOULD be called a Ultra320 host bus adaptor, though you need to be careful to get a PCI-E rather than a PCI-X adaptor (of course, if you're messing with tape drives, you would know this)

Edit: apologies for the google link, but that was the most time-insensitive way to link the specific class of device i could think of. I'll update it to something less.. googly when i can find a better link

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I am seriously glad that you mentioned PCI-E vs. PCI-X. I was about to get a PCI-X card. Thanks for pointing that out. – Sandra Oct 17 '11 at 13:15

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