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I have Debian testing (wheezy/sid) on my home PC. Some time ago I have been careless enough to install some software with make install and ./install.bin and similar :) Now I want to know which files on my system were installed in such a way, i.e. the files, which do not belong to any currently installed .deb packages.

I know I could write a script using dpkg -l and dpkg -L ... and find -name ... and similar, but I wonder if anyone has done it already.

(Just could not think of a good Google query for this question :)

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dpkg -S can probably help you. It returns 0 if a given file or file pattern is matched and includes the package name in the output, and returns 1 if it was not found in any installed package.

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Thanks for the idea, it definitely simplifies the task. But anyway, I still hope that someone has a full-blown script to do the task. – vadipp Oct 17 '11 at 15:34

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