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Strangely, my openbox default rc.xml file has keyboard shortcuts for the commands DesktopDown and DesktopUp, but it seems that the only configuration option for the desktops is their number (which is interpreted as a linear setup of all the desktops, and you can navigate only right and left).

I'm very much accustomed to having a 2x2 grid of desktops... Is there any way to do that within openbox ? (I'm open to installing other things. I'm even expecting to have to, I just don't know what.)

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Took me a while but now I found a workaround. openbox.org wiki FAQ linked to a tiny program (called setlayout) which is doing the job

You have to compile it with:

  1. sudo aptitude install libx11-dev
  2. gcc setlayout.c -o setlayout -lX11

Call it with: ./setlayout 0 2 2 0

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