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I need to generate a lot of junk files, with a random directory structure and random contents (and file names) under a specific folder (like "C:\tmp\"), is there a program that can do that for me?

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It may be more useful if you state why you need these junks files and people here may be able to find a better solution for you. – Oct 17 '11 at 23:44

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I don't know of any program off the top of my head but perhaps a vbscript making use of the windows command

fsutil file createnew

Usage of fsutil can be found in the Microsoft Documentation (it's for XP but works in Vista/7)

You'll have to do some work to build the directory structure but that will help with the files.

There might be some testing tool out there that will automatically generate a folder/file structure but I doubt there's much need for it outside of QA/Testing.

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That'll work, I can make a batch script with that, thanks! – user21187 Oct 17 '11 at 23:46
no worries, glad to help! – chunkyb2002 Oct 17 '11 at 23:49

I have used "Dummy File Creator" for this, it can make 000 files or randomised mess files

a simple text "batch" could be made like this,And fed to the program

E:\Dum19    1000000 1
E:\Dum20    10000000    0
E:\Dum21    10000000    0
E:\Dum29    10000000    0
E:\Dum30    100000000   0
E:\Dum31    100000000   0
E:\Dum32    100000000   0

I do not think it will create directories. It could fill up a disk faster than copying from another disk. I do not use it that much because copying from another disk some big files, also allowed for doing a compare.

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