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A strange issue came in today from some users. At least two Windows 7 x64 boxes that have duplicate mappings of a network drive. The drive is not mapped with a log in script, but done manual through "Map Network Drive". Everything has been fine for months, but all of the sudden, Explorer looks like this:

  • Files (\\fileServerPath) (S:)
  • Files (\\fileServerPath) (T:)
  • Files (\\fileServerPath) (U:)
  • Files (\\fileServerPath) (V:)
  • Files (\\otherServerPath) (W:)
  • Files (\\fileServerPath) (X:)
  • Files (\\fileServerPath) (Y:)
  • Files (\\fileServerPath) (Z:)

There are some other networks drives mixed in there that did not duplicate. The drive is normally mapped to S:\, but it decided to make its way to Z:.

What is going on here?

I've found this and will be trying soon:

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I know this is super old, but I just had a user have a similar problem. I was able to figure out the issue and show the user how to prevent this from happening.

The user had a mapped drive to a server share: \\servername\share = Z:\

For some weird reason throughout the day she would end up with a V:\, W:\, X:\, and Y:\ (and sometimes more) along with the Z:\.

After troubleshooting, trying to recreate the issue I figured out she had about 6 shortcuts to shares for other folders on the server, under the \\servername\share directory.

I clicked on them all and opened them, one gave me a cannot open/find the share type of message. I then checked Computer and there was a Y:\ drive. I disconnected and tried to open the broken share. Sure enough every time I double-clicked on the broken shared folder shortcut I would get the error and a new mapped drive letter to same location as Z:\. Even right-clicking on the share, without selecting any option will create a new Mapped drive letter to the same location as the original Z:\.

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I know this is an old question but, I was recently having a similar problem. Windows attempts to "repair" network mapping during resolution on NT systems. If the user has a link, that refers to the shared folder/program/etc. mapped to a different drive letter, it will map a new share and create an additional mapped drive. Find the incorrect link and it should resolve the issue.

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