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I was wondering whether there is a way to mute / unmute a particular application in the mixer by a keyboard shortcut.

So e.g. by CTRL M W to mute / unmute the sound of Winamp. I am not asking about muting sound in general as in Is there a shortcut to mute sound in Windows 7?, but the sound for a particular application.

enter image description here

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In case anyone thinks of closing as duplicate the answer to… doesn't appear to help as I can change the values stored in the registry but the mixer does NOT actually read the updated values to mute and unmute – nvuono Feb 4 '13 at 16:07
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The solution is to use the freeware nircmd tool and create a desktop shortcut with whatever hotkey you'd like in order to run one of the following commands:

As documented at

changeappvolume [Process] [volume level] {Device Name/Index}


changeappvolume iexplore.exe -0.2

changeappvolume wmplayer.exe 0.55 Speakers

changeappvolume /1275 -0.25 1

changeappvolume Firefox.exe 0.5

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