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In Windows, when Firefox (I'm currently using 7.0) downloads a file, it appends .PART to the file name of the currently downloading file and just renames it to its original file name after it finishes downloading.

I sometimes like to watch a currently downloading video file, so it will be better if Firefox just downloads the file to its actual filename (like what Opera does), so I can easily double click the incompletely downloaded file and watch it with the video player assigned to that file extension, rather than the awkward 'Right click -> Open With -> Choose Default Program' route with .part files.

Does anyone know how to set Firefox to do this?

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It may be possible, but I have never seen that option. – Mr.Wizard Oct 18 '11 at 21:05
@Mr.Wizard Yes. I think there is an about:config setting that I'm missing. – galacticninja Oct 21 '11 at 10:31
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It apparently cannot be done with the stock downloader. Quoting a moderator from the major non-official Mozilla forum:

I think that would require a major rewrite of the downloader of firefox. You can try to replace it with another downloader like FlashGet.

However, a user in that thread reports success using this tightly integrated downloader:

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