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In editors like netbeans there is a window to view all comments that start with #TODO:

Is there a plugin for Sublime Text to view all #TODO: comments throughout the whole project in a single window?

Right now I am just using Command + Shift + F and it works pretty well. Just wondering if there was a more permanent plugin.

enter image description here

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I'm working on one right now. It uses pss, a python ack clone, to search current open folders for known tags like TODO and FIXME. Find it here.

Output will be similar to that of the Textmate TODO bundle.

Right now it's a little rough around the edges, with at least one reproducible failure, but you are of course welcome to give it a go. When it is at a stable point, I'll make it available via the Sublime package manager

UPDATE: For the sake of anyone still looking for such a plugin, this plugin is now stable and installable via the sublime package manager under the name SublimeTODO.

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Comment at the top of this repo: [DEPRECATED] - See - Extract TODO-type comments from open files and project folders – Ben Apr 21 '14 at 15:21

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