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Is it safe to uninstall the Asus Eee Dock? (http://techinstyle.tv/products/what-is-the-asus-eee-dock/)

There is a program called Eee Docking 3.8.3, which I guess has to be uninstalled. But is this safe / will the Asus including camera still work without it?

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I am going to guess this application is like Logitechs software. Where its possible to install the drivers for the camera, and when a peice of software ( i.e. Skype ) uses the camera, it will hook into special controls for the camera. You can install it provided the you have other software to control the camera with. –  Ramhound Oct 18 '11 at 16:00

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It is 100% safe. You may need an alternate program to use video-chat, Google Voice or Skype would work.

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