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How do I scroll a message by line in Apple Mail? I am using OSX Lion, and it seems Mail was updated last night. Before that, I could tab from the list of messages over to the message and use cursor up/down to scroll by line. But now I can't tab over anymore.

Not sure if this is related to MsgFiler being turned off after the upgrade.

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First, I haven't noticed any update to Mail last night.

Second, just double-tab - that should take you to the message itself. Although not highlighted, you can now scroll up/down. Double-tab again to get back to list of accounts.

An alternative to that: go to Mail>Preferences...>Viewing and check "Use classic layout". That should allow you to use a single tab to jump from the messages list to the message and scroll.

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Yes, I can confirm that double-tab works. I'm quite sure that it used to be a single tab, but now double-tab works and that makes me happy :-) Thank you very much for the answer. – hibbelig Oct 21 '11 at 19:16

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