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I'm looking for something similar to RDP for linux.

I know VNC, but it does not work like RDP - it just sends images of screen, mouse position, keystrokes, etc. RDP just sends info that I've just clicked the button-widget.

I know I can forward Xs (I'm currently using this), but this way i can use only windows I opened from console. Also, it works nice only with small gtk or qt based applications. Running eclipse is a nightmare.

What I'm looking for is to work remotely as if I was working on my computer.

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Other than X with compression, the only other remote access option i can think of is nomachine's nx. - There is an official server at nomachine but most people use freenx -with the more recent versions of freenx on debian, you will need to compile it yourself, but ubuntu has a PPA that should work, and then you can use it with qtnx or the offical nx client.

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