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I would like to get 7-Zip Manager to zip my wwwroot folder on a weekly basis. Is it possible to automate this with Windows 7 Task Scheduler, and if so, what are the exact steps to do this?

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You would need to create a Windows Batch file that will do that actually ZIP, and then schedule this in Task Scheduler to run on a weekly schedule.

The 7-Zip command-line samples are available here and a step by step guide to Windows 7 Task Scheduler is available here. Lastly to create a batch file use notepad and create a new file with a .BAT extension as follows

@echo off
[7zip command line here]

Save the file somewhere on your drive and point the scheduled task to it. Complete details on batch files are available here.

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Ahan, any idea on how do I create this sort of batch file? Thanks! – ymasood Sep 3 '09 at 8:26
Thank you, that does the job. Wonderful answer! – ymasood Sep 3 '09 at 8:30

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