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I have a 12" TabletPC that I want to use as the input device for another computer. I know of apps like Multiplicity and Synergy that will allow me to use a mouse on another computer over the network, but they don't carry pressure information as far as I know, and absolute positioning doesn't work.

Are there any similar programs that might be suitable for diong TabletPC input over network?

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I guess your tablat's pen "device" will be an USB device. If so, you should be able to use some network USB redirection tools.

  • If you're using recent Windows versions you might be able to use RemoteFX (new version of RDP) to forward your tablet's pen device to the other computer.
  • Otherwhise, you could try some commercial product.
  • Sure there are some other tools I don't know of.

I used neither of these, because I was searching for a tool to redirect from a local Mac to s remote Windows host (and sadly found none).

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Thanks, I'll check those out when my tablet is fixed -- the SSD drive I bought for it failed on me :( – Rei Miyasaka Oct 21 '11 at 2:29

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