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I'm fighting with CANON LBP 810 (and 1120) printers for a month..

they work locally fine. However I must work with it through JetDirect.

JetDirect, because I have Thin Clients and I am connecting the printers to the device.

So when I'm trying to install it, (I got official drivers to Windows 7). It's not working

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The LBP-810 is a GDI or host-based printer, this complicates things. My policy is to only buy printers that support PCL or PostScript so that I don't have this sort of problem.

See HP Advisory for JetDirect which has some workarounds (for Centronics/Parallel connected printers not USB?)

Canon's support page for the LBP-810 suggests a specific model Axis print-server (instead of JetDirect)

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the LBP 810 and LBP 1120 are USB printers (not sure if they have parallel ports) I can use USB only. – bakytn Oct 19 '11 at 14:34
@bakyn: then it probably can't be used with a HP JetDirect box. Canon say "The LBP-810 can also be connected to a LAN network with the AXIS 1610 network adapter". AXIS say the 1610 supports Canon's CAPT protocol. – RedGrittyBrick Oct 19 '11 at 16:00

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