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I'm building a debian package ( .deb ) with a continuous integration server ( Hudson ). It's work fine for building unsigned package. But i want my hudson-user to be able to sign the package himself, without human intervention.

Basicly, i ask hudson to launch a make file, who use Debuild. Debuild itself call debsign

debsign need the system to have a pair of key avaiable, and it's the case. But i have to type the associated passphrase each time, and it's break the goal i want to archive (complete auto building of signed package )

My question is : can i avoid to have to type something ? I can change the

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If you are building packages on your local machine, use gpg-agent. It will remember PGP passphrases for the session. (If using GNOME, the "GNOME Keyring" performs the same function.)

eval $(gpg-agent --daemon --sh --use-standard-socket)
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If I understand gpg-agent (which I haven't managed to install on my Ubuntu system), then it still requires the user to type the passphrase once. This will still make automatic build impossible - if only because the user will have to enter the passphrase once everytime the system boots. – Guss Jul 24 '14 at 11:01

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